QR Gym Coach

QR Gym Coach is a simple yet innovative concept that is going to revolutionize the way that people workout. Think of these QR Codes as a replacement to the confusing stickers that come standard on most gym equipment. However, instead of reading a confusing diagram these codes allow people to actually watch a video of how to properly use equipment. They can also track their progress on each specific machine as well.

All in all, QR Gym Coach offers a variety of benefits for gym goers as well as gyms and personal trainers:

For Gym Goers:

  • Watch a video of how to properly use a machine instead of looking at a confusing diagram
  • Track your sets, reps & weight at the gym and then review your overall progress from home
  • Have peace of mind knowing that professional trainers are actually showing you how to properly use equipment in the gym.

For Gyms & Personal Trainers:

  • Offer an amazing service to your clients and also help boost your personal trainer sign-ups. Your customers will love it!
  • Create QR Codes for each individual piece of equipment and even for exercises that don’t require any equipment.
  • Create codes using videos that we’ve provided or create codes using videos that you’ve recorded with your own trainers and your own equipment.
  • Create “QR Workout Plans” to provide to your clients.
  • Be able to tell people that you have the NEWEST technology in your gym!


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