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Custom Referral Spam Blocker


Custom Referral Spam Blocker helps wordpress sites prevent unwanted referral spam from appearing in google analytics by redirecting requests before any page content is served to the spam bots.

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2 comments on “WordPress Plugin Development
  1. John says:

    Hey, Great plugin!

    Just wondered if it is possible to change some value in the code so it can calculate less than 2 decimals? F.x, the btc faucets we have on our site offer maybe 200 satoshi and people might be interested in what that actually is. I tried a default value of 0.0004 and that worked since it equal more than 0.00 of the other currencies. But it is still far away from the smallest btc 0.00000001.

    However, it is the only plugin that worked and I like how the fields change based in input.


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